Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Fatcow Review – How helpful is the service in one’s business?

There have been several web hosting services made affordable in order for their service to be availed by small businesses. Among the many affordable web hosting services available in the market, Fatcow has been considered to be one of the most reliable ones. Not everybody knows what this service is and how essential this can be for one’s business. However, this Fatcow review will give you on its pros and cons for you to decide better whether or not you will be getting their service.
Fatcow Review
Fatcow Review
Among the features that Fatcow has is its affordability. With $3 on the first term of your contract with them, this amount is not bad for someone who is just starting a small business. Fatcow also uses green-powered servers in order not to cause harm to the environment. They also offer assistance building your site as well as the domain transfer if ever you have. Just in case something happens, they also have an excellent customer service that will surely cater your call in not less than two minutes. 
The service that Fatcow offers is just about perfect for a small business or a personal web site. Together with their package, they also offer unlimited data storage, bandwidth, unlimited POP mailboxes, and a free website builder together with the other needed web-related tools like domain name, a script library that covers Joomla, Drupal and WordPress support. It also has an added support for SSL security, shopping carts and unlimited FTP users. If you think that is all you got for $3 on your first contract, you got it wrong since they are capable of giving $125 ad credits in popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, $50 social networking ads just like Facebook, free listing in Yellow Pages site and a 30-day money back guarantee with a 24/7 customer support team. However, this Fatcow review will not only tackle the strengths of the service. Despite the strengths of their service, Fatcow does have a downside as well. Their servers use a shared hosting package. You cannot expect load balancers for this. Another thing is that they only support Linux operating system. If you are not using this one, this will not be the web hosting service that you are looking for. When you renew your service with them, you should expect a doubled price than your first contract. This can also cause a stress in the server since the feature on unlimited bandwidth and data is offered to all clients and not only to you.

 But since there is a customer support team, you can be assured that the issue in the server will be corrected at the soonest time possible. Moreover, in the Fatcow review as a whole, the service is good for those who are up to a simple and undemanding hosting package.
The web hosting service needed by your business is dependent on its needs. Not all services from these companies can give you the needs of your online business which is why it is important to search for the features like those that were mentioned in this Fatcow review.


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