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iPage Review – What Is A Webhosting Plan & Why iPage Is Among The Best?

There are great opportunities to earn a decent or even a bigger amount over the web. In fact, most people have already resigned to their regular jobs as they are now earning a larger income from their websites. If you have plans to create a website so you can also join the list of online earners, then might as well get a hosting plan first. There are many web hosting companies that offer affordable hosting plans. But, not all of them offer the kind of features you need for a cheap hosting plan. Today, among the best hosting providers that can provide a cheap yet very excellent hosting plan is iPage. Let this iPage review walk you through the ins and outs of this hosting provider.

Why Do You Need A Hosting Provider?
Before going to the iPage review, let’s know first why you need a web host. A web hosting company or a web host allows you to have a space that you can call your own over the web. In layman’s term, getting a hosting plan is similar to renting enough space over the web in order for your website to be fully functional on the World Wide Web.

iPage’s Hosting Plan
When it comes to the cost, the hosting plan of iPage is the most affordable, if not, one of the cheapest available. In fact, iPage offers a discount or a promo in which you can get a hosting plan for as low as $1.99 per month compared to other web hosting companies that are requiring you to pay $5-$8 per month.

Although iPage is among the web hosting providers that can provide the most affordable hosting plan, but the features you can get with iPage hosting plan is clearly not cheap. In case you don’t know, the features and services included in iPage is quite similar to the features that are also offered by other web hosts. The only difference is, iPage offers its great features in such affordable prices so anyone will have the chance to create an excellent website over the internet. In addition to this iPage review, this webhost also allows you to customize your webhosting plan in accordance to your needs and financial capacity.

Easy To Use Interface
Unlike other webhosting companies, iPage offers a very user-friendly-interface that allows you to have ease in changing whatever you need to be changed on your site. It’s also not a difficult to create a website with iPage even if you don’t have any coding or programming skills. This is because you only have to use the free site builder tool, and you can finally create a professional looking site within a few minutes.

To sum it up, if you are looking forward to create your first website, then you might want to consider getting a hosting plan from one of the most reputable web hosting providers today, which is non-other than iPage. This web hosting company provides cost-efficient and customizable hosting plans for your convenience.

Fatcow Review – How helpful is the service in one’s business?

There have been several web hosting services made affordable in order for their service to be availed by small businesses. Among the many affordable web hosting services available in the market, Fatcow has been considered to be one of the most reliable ones. Not everybody knows what this service is and how essential this can be for one’s business. However, this Fatcow review will give you on its pros and cons for you to decide better whether or not you will be getting their service.
Fatcow Review
Fatcow Review
Among the features that Fatcow has is its affordability. With $3 on the first term of your contract with them, this amount is not bad for someone who is just starting a small business. Fatcow also uses green-powered servers in order not to cause harm to the environment. They also offer assistance building your site as well as the domain transfer if ever you have. Just in case something happens, they also have an excellent customer service that will surely cater your call in not less than two minutes. 
The service that Fatcow offers is just about perfect for a small business or a personal web site. Together with their package, they also offer unlimited data storage, bandwidth, unlimited POP mailboxes, and a free website builder together with the other needed web-related tools like domain name, a script library that covers Joomla, Drupal and WordPress support. It also has an added support for SSL security, shopping carts and unlimited FTP users. If you think that is all you got for $3 on your first contract, you got it wrong since they are capable of giving $125 ad credits in popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, $50 social networking ads just like Facebook, free listing in Yellow Pages site and a 30-day money back guarantee with a 24/7 customer support team. However, this Fatcow review will not only tackle the strengths of the service. Despite the strengths of their service, Fatcow does have a downside as well. Their servers use a shared hosting package. You cannot expect load balancers for this. Another thing is that they only support Linux operating system. If you are not using this one, this will not be the web hosting service that you are looking for. When you renew your service with them, you should expect a doubled price than your first contract. This can also cause a stress in the server since the feature on unlimited bandwidth and data is offered to all clients and not only to you.

 But since there is a customer support team, you can be assured that the issue in the server will be corrected at the soonest time possible. Moreover, in the Fatcow review as a whole, the service is good for those who are up to a simple and undemanding hosting package.
The web hosting service needed by your business is dependent on its needs. Not all services from these companies can give you the needs of your online business which is why it is important to search for the features like those that were mentioned in this Fatcow review.

Friday, 4 October 2013

Check this useful iPage review before using their services

What you have to do is to go to iPage hosting page and check the review to see all the solutions to all the problems that they might be facing. The most excellent feature as well as most sold web hosting plan is called as the essential plan that is made to give more power to the users at every level. The feature loaded service is provided to make sure that all our clients get to grow their online business by leaps and bounds by getting a hassle free and protected environment to do their business. In case any client is not satisfied about any particular feature or any service, then one can log in and make active the iPage special feature known as “Anytime Money Back Guarantee.” The iPage review is also done to ascertain that they get to start on their web sites swiftly and with no trouble at all.

The experienced team of professionals works round the clock to make sure that they provide most efficient as well as simple solutions to the clients right away on the phone or chat by not letting them wait any further. It has been around since the year 1998 and has been best quality hosting services to all the clients- small business owners as well as bloggers at most reasonable prices. An iPage review is also made to make ascertain that every client gets the authority to get a full refund for the rest of their iPage contract. IPage is also designed in such a user friendly way that it can offer 24x7 US-based friendly and informed customer supports through phone as well as online chat. It has hosted more than 1.5 million web sites with hundreds of more adding to the network on every day basis.

With an average hold time of two minutes, the overall experience is often rated as great and exceptional. Every client of the company gets the ability to make their business strong by focusing on making things user-friendly and that too with no shortage of useful features. A modest fee is deducted as cancellation charge to make sure that all the clients are able to transport their domain name to any other web hosting service provider of their choice. The company also has an email support team too that is efficient too. The best points of ipage review are that it is very affordable one having great features, has one-click web site set up, user friendly drag-and-drop web site builder, down to business customer service, Google webmaster tools integration, to name a few.

It also offers several extra services that a client can put in during the checkout process. One of it is automated site backup that is one of the most looked forward to and most used attribute from the corporation. It has got many extras comprising of the identity theft protection and data security package, domain privacy package, ipage review directory listing, daily automatic site backup, customer connection package, ipage jumpstart package, etc.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

A Must Read Web Hosting Hub Review

Based on my personal experiences for over 3 years from now, here is the web hosting hub review
Webhosting hub provides one of the best hosting solutions to the people who really want to make their website shine over the internet. It offers simple yet effective way of getting new website online within few minutes. The webhosting hub offers effective technical support, customer satisfaction and quality of services. Within a short period, the web hosting hub achieved a lot due to their dedicated team and they are also one of the reasons for their success. In short, Web hostinghub review offers convenient, affordable and reliable web hosting services.
Amazing Features
The web hosting hub also provides unlimited disk space and bandwidth, unlimited websites, emails, easy control panel, easy website builder, wordpress installations, best customer support and so on. They have no-downtime transfer process to help with the shifting of website from the existing web hosting company. This hosting provider also offers content management system to those working with joomla, drupal, Moodle and so on only to help the host’s website with more advanced features. In the current world, the email feature is very essential and this is why web hosting hub review provides features containing unlimited email addresses, secure pop3 email, spam safe protection, web mail clients, auto responder, email forwarding, mobile device compatibility and much more.
Best in Class Customer Support
Going with web hosting hub review will let you to have one click software installs, which helps the user to easily get some of their favorite website software. There are simple one click installs having blogging tools, ecommerce shopping carts, and content management systems. With the help of these one click software installs, users can bring great functionality to their website. The best-in-class customer support helps the customer to handle the website without any difficulties. They have 24/7 customer support with friendly representatives.
High Uptime
As you know, uptime is very important for a company to generate new leads and keep the existing customers. If the server goes down even for few minutes, it leads to huge losses even to small businesses which means disappointment of the existing customers and this is the main reason that why a customer shifts the website to another web host. The web hosting hub well know that how important it is and so providing good reliable services to the people. 
Green Web Hosting
Another effective feature that attracts the people to web hosting hub review is its green hosting. It means that the whole web hosting hub powers are generated by 100% wind energy and that their offices and staff members are committed to promote green environment by reducing the waste, increasing the recycling process and avoiding the usage of paper products. For sure, the customers will feel proud and especially nature lovers in getting committed to their eco friendly policies and it is the best choice for the customers looking for reliable hosting services.

Monday, 12 August 2013

Web Hosting Plans – Web Hosting Companies


If you want to make a website, you must first find and get the kind of hosting plan that fits to the needs of the website that you are going to create. Today, there are various companies that provide a hosting plan. On one hand, what is a hosting plan anyway? A webhosting plan is needed when you are going to build a website. This is because the hosting plan contains tools and services that you need in order for your website to be accessible over the web. The hosting plan is also your means of putting contents on your website. Now, let’s get to know some hosting companies and the web hosting plans that they offer.

First in the list is iPage. This web hosting provider is one of the most affordable of all. In fact, it can provide a hosting plan package for as low as $2.95 per month. Now that is extremely affordable. But the question is, can this hosting company provide an excellent service? Let’s find out. In the $2.95 that you will pay a month, you will get an unlimited diskspace & bandwidth, domain registration is free of charge, a security suite is provided for free, free site builder tool so you can create your site with just a few clicks, as well as you will not be contributing on the pollution as iPage gets its power source from natural & renewable energy. By the way, in case that you do won’t love the hosting plan package that you got, then you can always get your money back anytime. Not all hosting companies can provide an anytime moneyback guarantee. This moneyback offer of iPage just assures that they are among the best web hosting plans provider.

Another great hosting company is Inmotion. According to experts, if you are looking for a solid hosting plan for your business website, then you might want to try out the web hosting plans that are offered by Inmotion. This hosting company can provide shared hosting and VPS hosting, as well as dedicated servers if you are really into a great web hosting experience. By the way, dedicated servers are quite expensive and are mostly used by big companies. In terms of business websites, Inmotion is clearly one of the best hosting providers that can be great on your business site.

Another affordable hosting provider is Fatcow which offers a hosting package for as low as 3$ a month during the initial term. You will have no problems if ever you want to transfer your site to be hosted by fatcow as this hosting company provides assistance. The customer service of fatcow is also one of the best due to the fast response of the customer service representatives. Not just that as the customer service representatives are well trained when it comes to troubleshooting.
All in all, there are other web hosting companies aside from the hosting providers listed above. You just have to get the hosting plan that fits both your budget and needs.
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Friday, 19 July 2013

InMotion Review

InMotion Review – A Hosting Web Service for All
It is a human tendency to have all the good things in one basket. However, there are very few companies who indeed offer all good stuffs in one package. Out of the very few, we have InMotion which has kept its name high in terms of offering all the goodies to its consumers coming from all walks of life. Irrespective of the consumers being a beginner or a businessman with a business of many years old, it caters to all. InMotion review gives us a glimpse of the lucrative features it has for its consumers and how this company is different from many others in the web hosting industry.

We would be speaking in length about the pros and cons of this company and how it impacts the interests of its consumers in a positive manner.
Dedicated servers: - In a time where web hosting companies uses one server for multiple purposes, InMotion offers dedicated servers to better meet the needs of its clients. It also offers shared hosting solutions and its VPS hosting packages has invariably impacted the businesses of many consumers for good. Concurrently, they also support WordPress which other companies have alienated from their list of package offerings.
Customized web pages: - Every business is different and InMotion understands this precisely. Therefore, it allows its clients to create web pages as per their wants. It also offers tools that will well with the customized pages, thus making it look sober yet attractive and also user friendly to the client’s customers.
Free listing to the Yellow Pages:-  This is unarguably an interesting feature provided by InMotion. Having this feature in hand, gives your business greater visibility which in turn will help in spreading its wings faster and fly higher. It also offers Amazon product ads credit.
Solid connection: - They hold a very strong goodwill in providing solid and stable connection. In addition to this, they are green data centre which means they contribute less towards polluting the environment.

InMotion Review also covers the con side of the company and it takes pride in saying that it doesn’t find anything overly wrong about it. Right from its features to the pricing, everything seems to be right in its place. However, some may get the feeling that it is not for start-up businesses and has to do more with big companies. Businesses which are new may not find this to be so user friendly than other web hosting companies which offer few of the features for free. The new businesses may also find its service to be a bit on the expensive side as it costs $199 per month to have dedicated servers and $40 per month for VPS solutions.
Some other intrinsic features possessed by InMotion are that it provides support for data backup throughout all levels of the package. It also offers unlimited storage and data traffic. It offers support for Windows, Linux and Mac, the three widely used operating systems. It gives you the guarantee to refund the money if you don’t like the service before 90 days from its subscription. It also offers support for multimedia and spam filters.
All in all, the verdict comes from InMotion Review is overwhelmingly encouraging and would suggest consumers to give it a shot to see their business growing.

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Fatcow Review

Fatcow Review
Fatcow Review: Fatcow Hosting Offers Value-For-Money Hosting With A Green Edge
There is no one-size-fits-all paradigm for web hosting customers. There are differences when a corporate orders a web hosting plan, as opposed to an individual needing a web hosting plan. Corporates can require the "heavy artillery" in web hosting infrastructure, while individuals and mom and pops can get by with a more streamlined infrastructure for their website needs. Corporates would need more functionality for a reasonable price, while mom and pop businesses would require a plan that could fit their budget, but not compromise on the basics. Through this Fatcow review, we'll demonstrate why Fatcow Hosting is best for individual website owners and small-time businesses.
The differences between a corporate business and a small-time business would lie in their needs:
  • Corporate businesses would expect higher traffic on their websites, so they may require higher or even unlimited bandwidth.
  • Smaller businesses and single-person operations such as blogs and information websites would be fine getting by with limited bandwidth.
Disk Space:
  • Corporate businesses may need internal systems like knowledgebase managers or ticketing systems that would need a higher disk space. Corporates may also host email addresses for at least 100 employees. Some employees may have a need for bigger disk space, so that could be taken into consideration.
  • Smaller businesses may have just around 0 to 10 employees, so disk requirements may not be that large.
Domain Capacity:
  • Corporates may have several brands and products under their helm, and they may want to use one domain and one website for each brand. Other corporates could be advertising agencies, and they may have multiple clients and even more brands to handle. Each brand could require one website and one domain each. Thus, corporates could benefit from having a hosting account that can host unlimited emails.
  • On the other hand, a small-time business may only need one single domain and maintain the hosting for that.
  • Luckily for both types of users, the Fatcow Hosting promo at $49 a year for the first year allows the use of unlimited domains and unlimited subdomains. A steal for the price that Fatcow can give you.
The heart of this Fatcow review would be the aspects that a Fatcow hosting can provide its subscribers:
1.  Smaller-scale businesses would need less infrastructure, more value for money. This means that they may not need VPS support, Joomla or Drupal availability. More or less, small businesses may just need Wordpress and e-commerce support. Fatcow review articles state that Fatcow hosting is capable of Wordpress website hosting and even supports Joomla.
2.  Fatcow Hosting can give you web hosting that costs only $49 for the first year! That means, your website and domain will cost you only $4.00 a month. Thereafter, Fatcow Hosting can cost anywhere from $6.99 to $8.99 per month, which is still fair, considering that HostGator charges $9.95 per month.
3.  If you're into green living and ecological conservation, then Fatcow Hosting would be your best bet. Fatcow review articles say that Fatcow Hosting is powered by wind-generated electricity. Only Fatcow Hosting works on that kind of technology: no other web host is 100% powered by green technology.

As you can see, this Fatcow review shows that Fatcow Hosting is actually a flexible hosting account with great value for money. With the added benefit that the Fatcow servers and even their whole operations are wholly powered by wind energy, you can see that Fatcow Hosting is a great choice, especially for ecologically responsible customers.