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Fatcow Review

Fatcow Review
Fatcow Review: Fatcow Hosting Offers Value-For-Money Hosting With A Green Edge
There is no one-size-fits-all paradigm for web hosting customers. There are differences when a corporate orders a web hosting plan, as opposed to an individual needing a web hosting plan. Corporates can require the "heavy artillery" in web hosting infrastructure, while individuals and mom and pops can get by with a more streamlined infrastructure for their website needs. Corporates would need more functionality for a reasonable price, while mom and pop businesses would require a plan that could fit their budget, but not compromise on the basics. Through this Fatcow review, we'll demonstrate why Fatcow Hosting is best for individual website owners and small-time businesses.
The differences between a corporate business and a small-time business would lie in their needs:
  • Corporate businesses would expect higher traffic on their websites, so they may require higher or even unlimited bandwidth.
  • Smaller businesses and single-person operations such as blogs and information websites would be fine getting by with limited bandwidth.
Disk Space:
  • Corporate businesses may need internal systems like knowledgebase managers or ticketing systems that would need a higher disk space. Corporates may also host email addresses for at least 100 employees. Some employees may have a need for bigger disk space, so that could be taken into consideration.
  • Smaller businesses may have just around 0 to 10 employees, so disk requirements may not be that large.
Domain Capacity:
  • Corporates may have several brands and products under their helm, and they may want to use one domain and one website for each brand. Other corporates could be advertising agencies, and they may have multiple clients and even more brands to handle. Each brand could require one website and one domain each. Thus, corporates could benefit from having a hosting account that can host unlimited emails.
  • On the other hand, a small-time business may only need one single domain and maintain the hosting for that.
  • Luckily for both types of users, the Fatcow Hosting promo at $49 a year for the first year allows the use of unlimited domains and unlimited subdomains. A steal for the price that Fatcow can give you.
The heart of this Fatcow review would be the aspects that a Fatcow hosting can provide its subscribers:
1.  Smaller-scale businesses would need less infrastructure, more value for money. This means that they may not need VPS support, Joomla or Drupal availability. More or less, small businesses may just need Wordpress and e-commerce support. Fatcow review articles state that Fatcow hosting is capable of Wordpress website hosting and even supports Joomla.
2.  Fatcow Hosting can give you web hosting that costs only $49 for the first year! That means, your website and domain will cost you only $4.00 a month. Thereafter, Fatcow Hosting can cost anywhere from $6.99 to $8.99 per month, which is still fair, considering that HostGator charges $9.95 per month.
3.  If you're into green living and ecological conservation, then Fatcow Hosting would be your best bet. Fatcow review articles say that Fatcow Hosting is powered by wind-generated electricity. Only Fatcow Hosting works on that kind of technology: no other web host is 100% powered by green technology.

As you can see, this Fatcow review shows that Fatcow Hosting is actually a flexible hosting account with great value for money. With the added benefit that the Fatcow servers and even their whole operations are wholly powered by wind energy, you can see that Fatcow Hosting is a great choice, especially for ecologically responsible customers.

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