Friday, 19 July 2013

InMotion Review

InMotion Review – A Hosting Web Service for All
It is a human tendency to have all the good things in one basket. However, there are very few companies who indeed offer all good stuffs in one package. Out of the very few, we have InMotion which has kept its name high in terms of offering all the goodies to its consumers coming from all walks of life. Irrespective of the consumers being a beginner or a businessman with a business of many years old, it caters to all. InMotion review gives us a glimpse of the lucrative features it has for its consumers and how this company is different from many others in the web hosting industry.

We would be speaking in length about the pros and cons of this company and how it impacts the interests of its consumers in a positive manner.
Dedicated servers: - In a time where web hosting companies uses one server for multiple purposes, InMotion offers dedicated servers to better meet the needs of its clients. It also offers shared hosting solutions and its VPS hosting packages has invariably impacted the businesses of many consumers for good. Concurrently, they also support WordPress which other companies have alienated from their list of package offerings.
Customized web pages: - Every business is different and InMotion understands this precisely. Therefore, it allows its clients to create web pages as per their wants. It also offers tools that will well with the customized pages, thus making it look sober yet attractive and also user friendly to the client’s customers.
Free listing to the Yellow Pages:-  This is unarguably an interesting feature provided by InMotion. Having this feature in hand, gives your business greater visibility which in turn will help in spreading its wings faster and fly higher. It also offers Amazon product ads credit.
Solid connection: - They hold a very strong goodwill in providing solid and stable connection. In addition to this, they are green data centre which means they contribute less towards polluting the environment.

InMotion Review also covers the con side of the company and it takes pride in saying that it doesn’t find anything overly wrong about it. Right from its features to the pricing, everything seems to be right in its place. However, some may get the feeling that it is not for start-up businesses and has to do more with big companies. Businesses which are new may not find this to be so user friendly than other web hosting companies which offer few of the features for free. The new businesses may also find its service to be a bit on the expensive side as it costs $199 per month to have dedicated servers and $40 per month for VPS solutions.
Some other intrinsic features possessed by InMotion are that it provides support for data backup throughout all levels of the package. It also offers unlimited storage and data traffic. It offers support for Windows, Linux and Mac, the three widely used operating systems. It gives you the guarantee to refund the money if you don’t like the service before 90 days from its subscription. It also offers support for multimedia and spam filters.
All in all, the verdict comes from InMotion Review is overwhelmingly encouraging and would suggest consumers to give it a shot to see their business growing.

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